CII Task Force on Waste to Worth


While management of waste is a major challenge for urban India, it is also one of the sustainable energy generation resources and has the potential to improve the economy of the country. Given the urgent need to focus on the subject and realizing the economic potential which could be generated from waste, CII has been working on developing a framework for a waste management policy and practice that combines protection of the environment and human health while capitalizing on the economic and strategic advances.

CII has also convened a Working task force including the partners from government, research and academia to

  • Define methods for control of the generation of waste,
  • Appropriate treatment of waste (including recycling),
  • Regulations regarding waste treatment facilities and
  • Waste management operators and
  • Develop a robust and sustainable PPP model
  • Encourage private sector investment and participation


Enabling sustainable environment with appropriate waste management in India

Key Initiatives

  • Policy Advocacy and Recommendations to Government
  • Pilot project (s) to demonstration of end-to-end (collection, segregation, transportation, processing, safe disposal) waste management solutions.
  • Awards and Appreciation- Recognizing the exemplary work of India industry in various categories of waste management
  • Stakeholder Engagements –Government, International Space agencies, industry, academia, media
  • Networking and Learning Platforms –International Conference and Seminars on various aspects of Space
  • CII Waste Mission to Overseas - Exchange of Best Practices and Technologies