Excellence in Waste Management


CII 3R Awards is embarking on its Fifth annual journey, with the exciting evolution for the CII 3R Awards and adding “Repair” as the fourth factor and rebranding it as the “4R Awards” demonstrates a commitment to recognizing and promoting sustainable practices across industries. This expansion reflects a growing awareness of the importance of repair in the context of waste reduction and circular economy principles.

Therefore, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) recognizing the significance of waste management on society, environment, and health, has launched the 5th edition of 4R Awards (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Repair) 2024.

Whole world is adopting newer, innovative, cost-effective approaches and solutions to address the growing menace of Waste. It is important for a country like India, where the population is very large and waste management practices are not yet fully adhered to adopt innovative and scientific management of waste that is socially, environmentally, and commercially sustainable.Many innovations and solutions are available and to some extent practised in many parts of the country by industries, start-ups to manage Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). However, large scale implementation of solutions is yet to be realized. Similarly, the Indian industry have adopted and practised processes and solutions to encourage reducing, reusing, and recycling of plastic & packaging waste, e-waste and waste generated in industrial activities or waste generated from their own activities. Most of the industry follows stipulated guidelines of waste management through sanitary landfills and other processes. However, there are industries primarily MSMEs are yet to fully adapt such practices. Industry is also conscious of the fact of waste generated by the consumers/users while consuming/using their products. Industry is in constant process of designing their products those will increasingly use non-polluting materials and will generate minimum waste at the users end. However, Industry’s efforts in designing their products including its packaging are still not adequate.


It is important to capture and disseminate the best practices for others to follow and at the same time to recognise and reward the industry, start-ups who have setup benchmarks in (1) managing waste generated in by industry from their own activities (2) designing, developing products those will generate minimal waste at the user’s end, (3) managing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), (4) managing plastic & packaging and e-waste, (5) Innovative Solutions by Start-ups for Sustainable Waste management, and (6 )Innovative Solution by research and academic institutes and individuals for Sustainable Waste management.

With this background, CII under its waste to worth initiative, this year has announced 5th edition of 4R (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle-Repair) Awards to recognise and reward best practices of industry, start-ups, research institutes and ULBs in order to set a benchmark of excellence in waste management for large number of industries to thrive to adopt these best practices.

4R Awards Categories

All the large industries, MSMEs and start-ups across the sectors and also the Academic Institutions can apply for below categories and sub-categories:

CII 4 Awards 2024 Categories

    • Excellence in Managing Municipal Solid Waste by Industry
    • Excellence in Innovative Solutions by Start-ups for Sustainable Waste Management
    • Excellence in 4R by Industry (Managing own waste)
      1. Sub-category
        • Manufacturing
        • Service
    • Excellence in developing the zero / minimum waste products
    • Excellence in Best Practices managing plastics and packaging wastes
      1. Sub-category
        • Industry / Corporates (Inc PIBOs)
        • Waste Management Company (Inc PROs)
        • Waste Management Company (Inc Recyclers / Co-processor)
    • Excellence in Best Practices managing E-waste
      1. Sub-category
        • Industry / Corporates
        • Waste Management Companies (Including PROs, Recyclers / processors)
    • Excellence in Innovation Solutions / technology by Research Institutes for Sustainable Waste Management